Nursery Rhymes with Mother Goose Club – DVD, CD, & Coloring Book fun!

by A Frugal Friend on July 2, 2011

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My daughter loves nursery rhymes………it seems we are always singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Anyone relate? But, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten to teach her quite a lot of the nursery rhymes! Agh!

In fact, I just realized how many I’d forgotten to teach my almost 4-year old when I discovered Mother Goose Club.

Mother Goose Club is a child-friendly website and a series of great products and characters which has been featured on PBS Stations – Midsouth Emmy nominated too!

Did you know that Nursery Rhymes help children learn to read?

Nursery rhymes are short and rhythmic, which makes them easy for children to learn and memorize. As children hear, sing or read nursery rhymes, they develop “phonemic awareness” or the ability to detect the individual sounds that make up words, a crucial first step in learning to read. Nursery rhymes, especially Mother Goose rhymes, also introduce children to new vocabulary which increases comprehension and benefits learning in all subjects.

Nursery rhymes are fun too, which is exactly why my daughter loved the new DVD! It’s true that she didn’t know many of the nursery rhymes (bad mommy), so she was learning a ton. But, she was also quite active during the 40-minute DVD. Yes, singing, dancing, clapping, and more.  The audio on our DVD copy wasn’t perfect in my opinion, but it didn’t interfere with the fun or learning…..hopefully it wasn’t my tv!   It’s not just for little ones…….great for preschoolers/elementary kids too!

While we both enjoyed the DVD, perhaps my favorite Mother Goose Club item was the coloring book……..I love activities that can follow watching a DVD.

Nursery Rhyme Coloring Time with Mother Goose Club ($5.99) – On Amazon, it’s eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion (Buy 3 books, get Another Free).

Each page in the coloring book focuses on a single nursery rhyme. It features a great scene for kids to color, along with a verse to the nursery rhyme. Perfect way for Mommy to get up to speed on her rhymes! :-)

I highly recommend the coloring book to all parents and kiddos!!

Free Printables give you an idea of what the coloring book is like!

And there’s music too:

Mother Goose Club Sings Nursery Rhymes Vol. 1 – CD ($6.99)

Mother Goose Club Sings Nursery Rhymes Vol. 2 – CD ($6.99)

My daughter is definitely learning new vocabulary words and having fun with Mother Goose Time. I couldn’t ask for more.

What’s your favorite nursery rhyme?

(Complimentary items were provided to conduct this review courtesy of Mother Goose Club, through Team Mom. All statements are the personal and honest opinions of the author)

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1 Mother Goose Club July 13, 2011 at 3:18 pm

Thanks for checking us out!

2 A Frugal Friend July 13, 2011 at 9:36 pm

you are welcome….we loved the products!

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