Hoover’s Twin Tank Steam Mop – for Tile, Hardwood Floors……even Linoleum and CARPET! (Review)

by A Frugal Friend on August 18, 2012

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I have a love/hate relationship with the floors in my home.

I love the tile flooring in the bathrooms and entryway. Yes, love.

BUT……..I absolutely hate the linoleum in our kitchen/breakfast area.

I should have known, after all, I grew up watching my mom scrub (and scrub and scrub) her linoleum floor on her hands and knees. For some reason, linoleum is just a lot of hard (and extra) work.

So, if money were no object, I would rip out the linoleum and replace with something grand……..oh, hardwood floors maybe? :-)

Replacing the linoleum is not in our budget, but I’m now okay with that. Why? I’ve made a HUGE discovery…..HUGE!

I’ve discovered the Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop AND it works on linoleum, in addition to tile, hardwood floors, and more. Jumping up and down here! I had no idea…….until I spotted it within the Owner’s Manual. Yes, it’s always a GREAT idea to read it in full!

You see, I had fully intended on using the Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop only for use in all the tile areas in our home………so you can imagine how excited I was that I could use it everywhere.  Yes, everywhere, even on CARPETS!


Yes, the Twin Tank Steam Mop has a special Microfiber pad and can be used on the carpet as well.   Love it!


The large box arrived from Hoover and contained:

  • Steam Mop Body (Water Tank and Solution Tank are already attached)
  • Handle
  • 2 Multi-Surface Microfiber Pads (washable)
  • Hard Floor Microfiber Pad (washable)
  • Carpet Glider
  • Water Filter (Pre-assembled and installed for you)
  • Cooling Tray
  • 8 oz 2x Hoover SteamPlus Cleaning Solution

The assembly was quick and easy…..simply snap the handle in the Steam Mop body and wrap the cord around the cord hooks for convenient storage.  I love that the cord is 30 feet long, so you can move easily through large areas like kitchen/dining rooms without stopping and moving the plug.

Removing the water tank to fill it was extremely easy.  Not only was the tank removal easy, but the cap was easy to both open and twist close……important for those I know who have arthritis or other joint problems.  After filling the tank with water, a few drops fell, so I thought it wasn’t secured tightly enough, but the manual said that was normal.  Whew!  Another reminder that it’s so helpful to read the manual beforehand, but also have it nearby while using the steam mop for the first time.

I wanted to tackle the linoleum as that has always been my biggest challenge to clean.  While I look forward to using the cleaning solution, I really wanted to just use steam (and see what it could do).  The control panel is quite simple, and I moved the dial to Steam.  I pressed the power button, waited around 30 seconds for the green light to tell me it was ready.  Couldn’t be easier to begin the process.

It took just 10 minutes or so to steam clean the kitchen floor, which had been stacked with tons of dirty boxes that arrived while I was in New York City. It was pretty dingy……perfect to test out the Hoover Twin Tank!  When I  was finished, I simply placed the mop on the provided cooling tray so the heat wouldn’t hurt the flooring.

So clean now, you could eat off the floor.  :-)  Well, if my family will take off their shoes, that is.

I love it, and best of all, it will save me from hating my linoleum floor!

Next up…….the guest bathroom tile floor. We had a little plumbing issue and I want that floor sanitized again! And again! And again. Hoover’s Twin Tank Steam Mop is perfect for the job!

Highly recommend it!

Where to Buy: You can find it at Hoover.com or other online/retail stores.  Approx $99.99 (and worth every penny in my book) :-)

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.”

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