Gymboree: Tips for Stretching your Dollars + Loving the New Spring & Collections

by A Frugal Friend on May 15, 2013

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Complimentary product or service provided Gymboree

There are some stores I gravitate towards when I go shopping. Clothing stores. And guess what? They aren’t even for grown ups! :-)

I really adore shopping for my little girl. (Who doesn’t, right?) And every time I spy a Gymboree, well, I MUST stop in.

With new collections and tons of mix & match options, Gymboree makes shopping easy and yes, affordable.  Don’t worry,  I’ll share some of my tips below!

Gymboree Collections

I love visiting local Gymboree stores, but don’t worry if you don’t happen to live near one. Some of the best shopping I do there is online at In fact, you can often find items online that are no longer in stores. Plus, time it right, and you might be able to take advantage of Free Shipping days. :-)

I do enjoy browsing all the new collections. That’s what I adore about Gymboree. They make it so easy for parents. You can purchase several items that all mix & match. That’s a win-win in my book.  And while I gravitate to the girls section (no boys in this family), my sister does love the boys section.

Gymboree Girls Aqua Summer Collection

I fell in love with this Girls Collection – Aqua Summer! So bright and cheerful as I walked in the store. There wasn’t a piece in the collection that I didn’t love.  Oh, how I wish they made these in my size.  :-)

TIP: If you have children different ages (one a toddler, another in elementary school), while the styles vary, there are items for both kids sizes within the collection. Perfect for family photos.

As a mom of a young daughter, it can be a struggle to find clothing that is age-appropriate…….skirts not too short, clothing not revealing, wording/images appropriate.  You never need to worry about that at Gymboree, and that’s why I’m thrilled that they didn’t stop with infants and toddlers.  Thankful!

Gymboree Aqua outfit

I told you I fell in love with the Aqua Summer collection.  The blue is just gorgeous!  While I did have trouble narrowing down which outfit I loved most (oh, that is the hardest part), I decided on this Aqua Summer Skort. It’s perfect for school and play since it has shorts underneath.  I coupled that with the Tile Print One Shoulder Top.  So trendy!  Add matching hair clips and a bracelet, and someone has a new special outfit.

Gymboree Purchases

Thanks to Gymboree, I was given a $100 Gift Card to go shopping.  I decided to see just how far I could stretch that money and still get exactly what I wanted.  Some thought I’d be able to get just one outfit – oh, they don’t know me, do they? :-)  (See my tips below)

Here’s what I was able to get with my $100 gift card:

1 Dress
1 Capri Pant
1 Skort
1 Cotton Pant
4 Shirts
1 Sweater
1 Hat
1 Bracelet
4 pair of matching socks
4 hair clips

Not bad, huh?  :-)

Gymboree salmon outfit

Did I mention I’m a sucker for hats………and Gymboree always has matching hats?

Gymboree Coupon

Tips for Shopping at Gymboree:

    1. Sign up for Gymboree Rewards – it’s Free – you’ll earn points with every purchase (can receive rewards certificate good towards purchases)
    2. Coupons – You should start receiving coupons in the mail if you do #1, but also check parenting magazines, as I often find 20% off coupons there. (pictured above)
    3. Gymbucks – take advantage of this program, especially with growing kids!  It’s going on right now (detailed below)
    4. Sales – Everything goes on sale (and it doesn’t take long)

Earning Gymbucks: April 22, 2013 (12:00 AM ET) – July 14, 2013 (11:59 PM ET)
For every $50 spent at Gymboree retail stores, or Gymboree Outlet during an earnings period, you will receive $25 worth of Gymbucks.*

That’s $25 off a $50 merchandise purchase* during the redemption period!

Redeeming Gymbucks: July 18, 2013 (12:00 AM ET) – July 28, 2013 (11:59 PM ET)

So, to get all the purchases above, I found items on sale (and a couple on clearance like the giraffe print pink pants).  I used the 20% off coupon on top of that.

BEST OF ALL –> And best of all, I have Gymbucks I can use right before school starts!  Perfect timing for school clothes.  I have $50 off any $100 purchase.

Love, love, love shopping at Gymboree!  In fact, I just want to show you another recent purchase – got it just for our SeaWorld trip!  Told ya, I love shopping there!

Gymboree Whale Shirt

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